Maintaining Healthy Skin: 5 Tips That Will Retain Your Beautiful Skin For Years To Come

As a Pre-Medical student who loves to promote healthy lifestyles, I love to use my existing knowledge about overall health and help those in need. Today I will be going over skin protection. I work at a Dermatology clinic under a Dermatologic Surgeon. Most of our patients come in with skin cancers and it is our job to surgically remove the cancerous cells. After working full time for approximately 6 months, I feel that it is my job to inform audiences about steps on promoting healthy skin to reduce chances on skin cancers in the future.  

Apply Lots of Sunscreen To Maintain Healthy Skin


Maintaining Healthy Skin

Most of us love tanning because it feels good and makes us look good temporarily. What most do not see is the harmful effects of UV rays to our skin. Whenever you stay in the sun for a prolong period of time, you get a massive sunburn. When the UV radiation damages our skin, our body releases a natural defense, causing our skin to result in apoptosis, or in other words, cell death. That is what happens internally during a sunburn reaction. HOWEVER, some damaged cells avoid cell death and in that case, these cells will start dividing.. The more you burn, the higher chance of developing damaging cells in our system, which increase our risk of skin cancer.

Most skin cancers occur in our later years of life, YET most skin cancer patients developed those cells during their younger years. Cancer is a build-up of abnormal cell growth, it does not happen over night! If you only burn once, you are probably not going to develop skin cancers. It’s those years and years of tanning on the beach and using tanning beds are what triggers it.

UV radiations consist of UVA,UVB,UVC rays. By applying sunscreen, you are blocking out certain UV rays so that they are less likely to penetrate your skin, reduce your chances of developing skin cancers.

Aside from cancer, long exposure of sun will also age your skin! Wrinkles, age or wisdom spots, bags under your eyes WILL show up sooner than expected!! So bottom line, please apply sunscreen. It takes 2 minutes to do and it will save you a lifetime worth of healthy skin.

Makeup is beneficial and yet harmful

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Homegirl, you do not need makeup to look beautiful! Let’s talk about the benefits of applying makeup before we get to the cons. Aside from looking good, most makeup base like foundations and concealers actually contain SPF and will block out UV radiations from the sun, preventing UV rays from penetrating into your skin.

Now, let’s get to why you should apply less makeup. Foundations and concealers can block pores and therefore promote reddened skin and eventually acne breakout. Also, some individuals may be allergic to certain makeup products, causing itchiness and burning of the skin when applied for a long period of time.

Dermatologist recommends individuals to look for high quality, and hypoallergenic make up products. Always understand the ingredients in all makeup products you use to have a better understanding of what you are applying onto your skin.

Lastly, remove your makeup everyday, no excuse!!

Cleanse Your Face Everyday and Exfoliate Regularly

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Cleansing your face everyday is a MUST, especially after applying makeup or if you were outside most of the day. It may not be visible but your face collects dirt, dust, and oil everyday and it will cause dehydration of the skin. By cleansing, you are ridding your face of impurities, giving yourself a cleaner look.

My favorite cleansing product is Avene. They are mostly all hypoallergenic, which will reduce irritation of the skin. Also, Avene fits all skin type. Personally, I have extremely dry skin (I have eczema) so I like to use Avene Cold Cream for everyday cleansing. Now that it is the winter season, my skin gets so dry that sometimes it hurts to smile. When I cleanse my skin, I feel that my skin has become so hydrated and moisturized. I highly highly recommend this product!!
Avene, maintaining healthy skin

Aside from cleanser, I also recommend exfoliating a few times a week. When old skin starts building up on the surface, exfoliating helps rid of dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth. I do not recommend physical scrubs because people with sensitive skin may develop an adverse reaction. Again, I recommend Avene. Its purifying scrub is gentle on the skin and also does its job well, leaving your face smooth and allowing you to feel 10 years younger.
Avene, maintaining healthy skin


Drink Water and Eat Healthy Foods for Maintaining Healthy Skin

Maintaining Healthy Skin

In order to maintain healthy skin throughout your life, drink water! Water helps with skin hydration, making your skin smooth. This is not an overnight process but drinking lots of water daily will gradually improve your skin and reduce wrinkles.

Eating foods high in Vitamin and Antioxidants have also proven to reduce wrinkles. See my previous posts about “Foods To Incorporate In Your Everyday Diet” here. I am a health and fitness enthusiast and all the foods I have listed are all on my everyday To-Eat List. I promise you that incorporating these foods in your diet will not only make you look good and also feel good

Get Plenty of Sleep To Maintain Healthy Skin

maintaining healthy skin 5

Research says that one should sleep 6-8 hours in order for one to fully function throughout the day. When we sleep, we heal. Healing of skin will reduce skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. For more information about how sleep will better your skin, click here.



All of the tips do not improve your skin overnight! In order to maintain healthy skin, we need to incorporate all these tips in our everyday lifestyle. In 50 years, we will not only reduce our risk of skin cancers, but also notice less wrinkles and age spots!

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Comment down below what you do to improve your skin. I love interacting with you guys and I love to hear your opinions about this topic.

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