Must Have Equipments for Home Workout and FREE 4 week workout plan

Hello my loves! Welcome back to another fitness blog! Today we are talking about home workout! It’s the start of 2018 and we all want to start off the year with a healthy lifestyle. But gym memberships are too expensive? Gym is too far? It’s too cold to go to the gym? That is why home workout is a perfect fit for you!

I do not use gym machines that often because I like my workouts to be flexible, and done anywhere. I work 12+ hours a day at a Dermatology clinic so I don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate 15 minutes of driving to the gym every night. If you are in my shoes or if you simply do not want to pay for a gym membership, I’m here to make your life a lot easier! If you want more home workout ideas, simply subscribe to my blog and you will get an endless amount of blog posts! Stay tuned at the end for a FREE 4 week home workout plan! Just simply hit subscribe!

Equipments For Home Workout

Equipments are NOT absolutely mandatory. You can still get a decent workout everyday without any gym products. HOWEVER, I believe that certain equipments that I will show below are a “must-have” in order to achieve good results and definitely worth the price!!


Click here for my favorite set of dumbbells. Personally, I don’t use heavy weights because I like to do high repetition (eg. 3 sets of 15 reps) for lean muscle growth. Even though they are only 5-10 pound weights, after doing 30 of them, my muscles are SORE!!



mat for home workout

Okay, now this is a MUST-HAVE so you don’t hurt your back! Click here

I love mats with straps like the ones above because you can basically take it anywhere you go. I’m also the type of person who would bring their own mats to the gym because I feel weirded out lying on a mat that someone had sweated on.

In my FREE home workout plan, most exercises include you lying on your back, so definitely get a mat for your own comfort!


Resistance Bands For Leg/Booty Days!

resistance bands for home workout

You want your booty goals? The best tip I can give you is to GET RESISTANCE BANDS! Click here

Resistance bands are not only cheap, comfortable on skin, but they come in a pack of different weights. In order to gain muscle, adding weight to your training is nearly a MUST. If you want to grow your booty into a perky and well defined shape, using dumbbells and/or resistance bands are almost better than machines at the gym, I believe. Whenever I use resistance bands for my glute workouts, I always feel extra sore the next day. I promise this is worth its price!


Of course we cannot forget GYM CLOTHES

I love buying cute leggings because not only do they make me look good, but also makes me feel good because they are so comfortable! Click here for my favorite pairs of leggings!

These leggings are high waisted so it gives an illusion of a tiny waist and well defined Abs. They stretch easily so you can squat as low as possible and still feel like you are wearing pajamas. Also, I love the tiny pockets on the side for my phone!

Water!! We All Need To Stay Hydrated

water for home workout
Come on, let’s not forget the most important thing, water! Click here

I love this water bottle because it’s light weighted, can carry 17 ounces, does not ever spill or leak and most importantly, the water will stay nice and cold for hours and hours! You will not regret this purchase!


FREE 4 Week Home Workout Plan


Here is my free 14 pages, 1 month worth of home workout that will allow you to become more fit and toned. This FREE PDF is easy to follow and has links within the document so you can navigate easily from week to week. For each exercise, there are full descriptions on how to perform it the right way without hurting yourself. Each exercise has a specific number of reps that I recommend as well as how much break you should take in between reps.  SUBSCRIBE to my blog via wordpress OR email to get future free resources as well as weekly blog posts!

Click here to open my 4 week home workout plan PDF file 


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12 thoughts on “Must Have Equipments for Home Workout and FREE 4 week workout plan

  1. I am fun of home gym….working out in the comfort of my own is great cos I don’t have to feel awkward when doing downward dog or bridges unlike the gym with those gawking eyes lol. I have a mat, dumbbells of course workout clothes but I need to get resistant bands and kettlebells. Thanks for sharing


  2. I prefer to exercise at home, great resource you have put together. I am also going to hit the neighborhood gym this year, they have some great equipment and I can drag my hubby there to exercise with me too!


  3. This is an awesome list, really helpful. I’m planning on sorting out a fitness regime this year, so this is going to be super helpful… I also signed up to get your work out plan!!! Thanks so much x


  4. I haven’t bought resistance bands in a long while, but the last time they were sold individually and they were a little pricey. Glad to see an affordable set is now available. And I love that it has a storage bag!


  5. As a busy Mama of 5, I love coming across posts like this. I need a plan that works for me, one that’s quick and easy enough to do- and I love your list of must haves too. Thanks a ton!


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