Fat Loss 101: workouts, diets, supplements, myths

Fat loss, how do you achieve it in a short period of time? That’s a million-dollar question, right? No, it is  actually a lot simpler than you think and if you look for reliable sources, you will attain the weight you desire. In this article, I will state some fat loss myths that I have encountered from both the Internet and friends. After understanding which statements are facts or myths, I will implement some workout routines and diets that I rely on every week to stay in shape. Fat loss, your New Year’s Resolution, is about to come true.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed dietitian. Everything I recommend is part of my experiences. I will not advice something that I do not believe in 100%. Since I am not a professional, I will link some reliable Internet sources for you all to reference.

Fat Loss 101Fat loss 101

Fat Loss: Myth or Truth

  1. Fat Loss can be attained by simply working out.
    Yes working out does help in a major way. But if you do not improve your diet, there is NO WAY that you can lose a significant amount of fat. (check out my workout and diet advice below!)
  2. If you want to loss weight, you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT EAT FATTY FOOD.
    If you normally love eating fatty and oily food, then cutting them out of your life completely is a BAD IDEA. Humans do not like drastic change and by doing so,it will cause us to burn out. When one starts burning out, he or she will feel diminished, depressed, fatigued, and worst of all, experience rebound. When that happens, one will start binging and causes weight GAIN.. (see my diet advice below)
  3. I will run a mile everyday!!
    Cardio is the best way to lose weight, that is indeed truthful. However, you cannot rely on just cardio to look slim and toned. (See my workout advice below)
  4. Eating 5-6 smaller meals a day.
    This is unambiguous. Some research have stated that eating more smaller meals can boost your metabolism and result in weight loss. However, other research say that there is no legitimate prove to that theory. You can read more about it here.
  5. Starve yourself!
    No, no, no, please do not starve yourself.. It never ends well! Not only is it extremely terrible for your psychological being but also your overall health. Read about a research study here.

Fat Loss: Workout Routines

So, the main question is how do you lose fat? I am a fitness enthusiast who loves implementing my own workout plans along with my favorite fitness gurus’ fitness routines. (I will list them below)
There are many workout plans, desired for all genders, every body type and what your goals are. From my personal experiences, I believe that the best way to lose weight is to add HIIT to weight training workouts.
HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which means doing sets of different exercises with very little break in between. Most of these exercises require no equipments and they are usually completed within 20-30 minutes. Read about more scientific benefits of HIIT here. I describe HIIT Training as “intensive cardio” because it burns enormous amount of calories in a short amount of time and every time I finish, I am always sweating like crazy.

My favorite HIIT Exercises:

(Do each exercise back to back with NO breaks in between)

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Burpees

1 minute Plank

25 Crunches

–Rest for 1 minute–

(Repeat 2x)


25 Jump squats (holy hell, this hurts)

25 Pushups

1 minute of high knees as fast as you can

25 Jumping Jacks

–Rest for 1 minute–

(Repeat 2x)


25 Squats

25 Mountain Climbers

5 minute of Jump Rope

25 Jumping Lunges (this burns!!)

–Rest for 1 minute–

(Repeat 2x)

Warning: This may not look like much, but it is extremely intense so please do not overexert yourself!!


Beside HIIT Training, I also recommend weight training. If you want to look curvy and toned, cardio and HIIT are not enough! You need to lose fat AND gain muscle.

My weekly routine goes like this (I specifically scheduled 2 leg and Ab days because they are the areas that I want to focus on.)

Monday: Legs and Booty with weights

Tuesday: Upper body with weights

Wednesday: Abs and cardio (mainly running): Read about my favorite Abs exercises post.

Thursday: Break! You deserve it!

Friday: HIIT Training

Saturday: Legs and Booty with weights

Sunday: 10 minutes of Abs. Rest!! Let’s start fresh tomorrow!

Subscribe to my blog for more workout exercises for each body part! I love sharing about my experiences and I want everyone to feel good about themselves inside and out!

My favorite fitness gurus: Chloe Ting, Jen Selter, Cassey, Gabriella


Fat Loss: Diets

Just working out alone is not going to give you that body you desire. Eating the correct food, and incorporate the right diet will get you there. Read my blog about 10 foods you should incorporate in your everyday diet here.

For fat loss and muscle gain, a main ingredient here is protein.

What heathy foods contains protein? (These are all aside from the foods I talked about in my previous post)

General: Peanut Butter, Eggs, Meat (preferably lean meat for healthy diet), seafood, yogurt, nuts.

Vegan: Soy, Tofu (meat substitution), Quinoa, Beans.


Some people believe that eating greens will help them lose fat the quickest and that may be true. However, if you are aiming to appear lean and toned, that may not be sufficient.

Some great meals that I love (notice that most of my meals contain rice. I am Asian after all)

  • Salmon and spinach with rice
  • Chicken and kale with rice
  • Shrimp/chicken pasta with light sauce. (I normally just put a crap ton of red pepper flakes, and olive oil.)
  • From my inspiring boyfriend, his favorites: salmon/chicken, asparagus, with brown rice. Snack- mixed nuts. Dessert- Oikos yogurt

Tracking Calories?

My Fitness Pal is by far the best tracking app that is easy to use according to my close friends and boyfriend. It inform you the calories that you are intaking and furthermore, it also calculates the fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins in your food. Even if you eat out, My Fitness Pal has most restaurants imbedded in the app, so simply just type in the name of meal and it will tell you all the macros. My boyfriend uses this app everyday, almost like he is obsessed.

I, rather, have never tracked my calories and I believe that you do not need to do that in order to lose fat. Instead of tracking the number of calories, I suggest eat healthier IN MODERATION! If you are just starting out, I suggest that you try out My Fitness Pal first. The app really does work, my friends and boyfriend have all shown nice results using it.

Let’s talk about cheat meals

You are probably thinking: okay Michelle.. What about my Chickfila, and meatball pizza??
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a HUGE appetite.. Yes cheat meals are allowed, read more about it in my previous blog post. Without repeating, let me state my interpretation of cheat meals.

There are times when I would eat 7 donuts at a time, or order 2 entrees at a restaurant and finish it all. But do not make cheat meals an everyday thing. Cheat meals are there to keep us sane, to enjoy a delicious social outing with friends, or to have all the ice cream in the world during a stressful time. Do not make this a habit. (I still need to work on this)

Fat Loss: Supplements

Protein supplements are a good option. Take the recommended intake 30 minutes before or after your workout for a maximum effect. I talked about my favorite protein supplement in my “5 Motivational Tips for a Better Workout,” so if you are interested in THE BEST TASTING PROTEIN SHAKE, check it out here

Fat loss supplements: I suggest that you do not trust those products easily because most of them have not proven to be true. DO NOT take any with possible side effects in them because I can almost guaranteed that the side effects will outweigh the positive effects. My only experience with fat loss supplements is the CLA Plus Coconut Oil Plus Aminos, but sadly I did not experience any fat loss.


In conclusion, there is no magical formula for fat loss. Those “watch this video about losing 10 pounds in 2 days” are click baits and untruthful!! If you want to achieve a certain body shape, then you got to work for it. It does not happen overnight, or even in a few months. Most of all, this fitness journey will become your lifestyle. It is going to be tough, but I can guarantee you that you will not only look better, but feel better.

I love you all! Have a blessed day and don’t forget to search for your daily dose of happiness! ❤






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