My Trip To Miami, Florida

Christmas 2017, I travelled to Miami to stay with my boyfriend’s family. The drive was around 6.5 hours long, but Michael, my boyfriend, and I split the drive so it wasn’t too bad.

December 24, 2017: We left at 7AM and arrived at around 2:30PM. When I walked in his house, I was blown away by all the decorations. Michael’s mom made most of the decorations. She’s amazing..

That night, his grandmother, aunt and uncle came over for dinner. Before his family leaves for the night, we exchanged gifts. Be on a lookout for a What I Got For Christmas blog!!

December 25, 2017: Surprisingly, we didn’t watch any Christmas movies, listen to any Christmas songs, or celebrated Christmas the old-fashioned way. First of all, we woke up kinda late (around 11AM.. opps) and we hang out with Michael’s parents for a little while for lunch. In the afternoon, we headed to Michael’s friends’ house and we played games most of the day. Despite it’s Christmas and most stores being closed, we were able to find a place called Litchi Snow Ice that served really amazing Boba tea (Asian’s best friend).

December 26, 2017: Today is a day full of fun!! We headed out to Wynwood, which is a city in Miami that is known for its vibrant graffiti paintings, local restaurants and retail stores. Below are some of the paintings that I took while in Wynwood. I’m amazed at how 3D some of the paintings looked.


If you are ever in Wynwood, I highly recommend Panther Coffee. Despite being a small coffee shop, the atmosphere is inspiring to many, with beautiful wall paintings that catches the eye of arriving customers.



(Okay I got really excited when I saw that giant Asian Fortune Cat)


December 27, 2017: Today, we went to Mojo’s Donuts. This is one of those must-go-to places in Miami! Their donuts are OMG fabulous!! Sweet, salty, savory, everything you are craving for is available!

(I ordered “Berry-Go-Round.” This is a definite Instagram worthy photo right there. Look how pretty and well-made that donut is!? It tasted amazing!)


In the afternoon, we went to Miami beach and walked near the beachside. Winter in Florida is pretty much non-existing… It’s literally 84 degrees in the afternoon.

(It’s feels good to be drinking a healthy banana nut smoothie after days of eating junk food)


December 28, 2017: Today, we went to Weston, a city near Miami that is known for its peaceful town and beautiful houses. But to be honest with you, the main reason why I wanted to go to Weston is that I heard of this awesome icecream place in town called “ChillN Nitrogen Ice Cream.” This place has tanks of liquid nitrogen and each flavored ice cream is made in front of you with Nitrogen. It’s pretty cool!

(I ordered a coffee flavored icecream with cheesecake bites and whipped cream on top. Totally unhealthy but definitely worth the calories!)


I had a hella good time in Miami, even though I’m pretty sure I gained 10 pounds these past couple of days…

Thanks for reading my loves! Have a blessed day and don’t forget to look for your daily dose of happiness~ ❤





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