Best Abs Exercises for a Flat Stomach

It takes time to build a flat stomach. These are my favorite abs exercises to maintain a flat stomach, even after a ultimate cheat meal. I recommend doing a couple of these exercises at least 3 times a week. During every exercise, make sure to squeeze your abs for the maximum effect.

Attachment-1-2 Attachment-1-4

  1. Crunches with Alternate Heel Touchers: 2 sets of 30 reps
    Basic-Crunch       alternate-heel-touchers-exercise-illustration
    I like to start with crunches because they are a slightly easier exercise and good for warm-up. 30 crunches, then straight to 30 alternate heel touchers with no breaks in between. For alternate heel crunches, use your abs muscles to move from side to side, not your shoulders or arms.
  2. Reverse Crunches or Lying Leg Raise: 3 sets of 15 reps

    Reverse Crunches
    Lying Leg Raises

    These exercises are extremely good for shaping your lower abs. The important thing about these two exercises is to use your abs to lift up, NOT your hands!

  3. Flutter Kicks2 sets of 30 seconds each
    Lie on your back, keep your back straight on the ground, place your arms close to your core and lift up your legs. Movement should be similar as to doing flutter kicks in water. Make sure that movement is controlled for maximum results. This exercise looks simple, but trust me, it will burn!
  4. Planks: 1 minute; Side Planks: 30 seconds on each side
    Planks are very important because they shape your entire abdomen and work on your stability. When doing a regular plank (left photo), keep your back straight, DO NOT ARCH YOUR BACK. If you feel like your back is getting sore, then your position is not ideal. Start with 20 seconds, and then work your way up to 1 minute and longer. For side planks, make sure your hips are in line with your body. Do not arch it up or have it too low to the ground.
  5. Plank hops: 3 sets of 12-15 reps
    This exercise also works on your lower abdomen and stability. Keep your back straight and hop both feet to lateral sides at the same time. I love this exercises because it brings your heart rate up, get you to sweat and lose that belly fat faster!
  6. Mountain Climbers: 3 sets of 15 reps
    This is my favorite exercise because it works your out entire body and get you sweating like crazy!! This is a killer exercise, but so worth it! Keep your body straight, and move your right knee as close to your chest as you can. Quickly switch and move in your left knee while moving your right knee out further from your chest.Comment below your favorite abs exercises! Follow this lil buzz for more blogs on fitness and staying healthy! Have a blessed day and don’t forget to look for your daily dose of happiness~ ❤

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