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Blogmas: 10 Things I Learned in 2017

Heyya, welcome to another Blogmas post!! I’m feeling sentimental today, and since it’s almost 2018, I’ve decided to list out 10 things I learned this year!

  1.  Haters will continue to hate, so don’t worry about them and move on.
    Can you think of someone who always puts you down, no matter how hard you try? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone has someone like that in their lives, whether it is a family member, a coworker, a significant other or a “friend.” Even when you try to change, those people will never be happy, so the important message is to erase the negativity in your life and live! Focus on those who love you instead, because those individuals are the ones who will stick around no matter what. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to live your life otherwise. I grew up being submissive to my parents. Whatever my parents say, I do. Not kidding… Sometimes I feel like I’m living their lives, not my own. This year, I finally opened my eyes, saw reality and decided to not worry about what others think about me. Remember, you are unique and if someone doesn’t like a certain aspect of you, then tell them to go screw themselves and continue living the way only you know how.
  2. Take advantage of your college years.
    Graduation is bittersweet, sweet looking back at all your hardworking pulling all nighters are paying off and bitter knowing that it’s time to grow up and be independent. If you are still in college, remember to not only work hard, but also play hard!
  3. Try new things.
    What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never started on it? Instead of worrying about all the “what ifs,” let’s get started on it today. Worry about failure? Oprah used to say “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” You never know until you try. So, let’s all do something new today!
  4. Don’t ever feel guilty about slacking off. It’s okay to feel lazy once in a while. Don’t allow anyone to let you feel guilty about not working hard all the time. Whether you are in school, or working full time, it’s important to give your mind and body a break. After a test, treat yourself to an ultimate cheat meal and lay in bed for 6 hours watching Netflix because you deserved it. After a great workout, treat yourself to a long shower a nap before doing other things. You’re human and humans need to rest and recharge in order to function well the next day.
  5. Travel, photography.
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    Take photos, videos wherever you go! That way, in 10 years, you can look back at those memories and reminisce. I bought a polaroid camera this year and oh my gosh, I became a little obsessed with taking instant photos! I hang some of those photos on my bedroom wall and I put others in a box labelled my “memory box.” I also travelled a lot more this year and it was such a wonderful experience getting to know different cultures, and try out different cuisines.
  6. Stress is a motivator, but don’t let stress consume you.
    When I was in college, I used to stress out so much that I would pull all-nighters, drink 4 cups of coffee a day, and cry over poor grades. Yes grades are important, but sometimes we forgot a more important thing.. our health. When you are having a stressful day, don’t forget to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Yes, stress is part of our daily lives, but don’t let stress become permanent and hurt your health in any way.
  7. Jealousy will get you nowhere.
    This is something I’m still working on. I’ve always wanted to be prettier, smarter and whenever I see someone with better qualities than me, I develop these jealous feelings. Jealousy is a harmful emotion that cannot get us any benefits. No one is better at being you than yourself. So starting today, let’s not compare ourselves with others, and instead, let’s work towards the best version of ourselves.
  8. Be confident, not arrogant.
    Be confident in yourself, you are a lot better than who you think you are, I promise. But don’t be cocky, everyone hates a cocky little fellow. Use your talents to help others. Being a pre-medical student has taught me to be more compassionate towards others. I used to volunteer at an assisted living facility and I played piano for residents with dementia. Using your talents to assist others in need is very rewarding.
  9. Make friends and hold on to them.
    The friends you make in school are valuable, so don’t let go of them easily. If you are just starting out college, I suggest joining school clubs. In my school, classrooms are not really good ways to make friends, people don’t usually talk to each other in class… However, by joining clubs that you’re interested in, you are more likely to make life-long friends. Don’t let your friendships fade.. just like in a romantic relationship, sacrifice is needed in order to preserve the people you really care about. 
  10. Age is just a number.
    And lastly, we’re approaching 2018! Your age doesn’t define you, it’s about how you think and how you feel. Even if you are 70, it’s never too late to go on adventures and to wear fashionable clothes. Let’s all make 2018 our best year yet!!Let me know what you guys learned in this year! Have a blessed day and don’t forget to look for your daily dose of happiness! ❤

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