Top 10 TV Shows To Binge Watch

If you were to know ANYTHING about me, you should know that I’m obsessed with TV shows. I’m not much of a movie fan, but I can binge watch Netflix like it’s nobody’s business!

Here are some of my favorite shows, in no particular order..



  1. How I Met Your Mother: 9 seasons
    Even though I said in no particular order, this is probably my FAVORITE show of all time!! I’ve watched all episodes at least 6 times. They recently removed this show from Netflix, which got me pretty mad about. But anyway, if you love comedies, I highly highly recommend this! I call this show “the modern version of Friends.” This show starts off with Ted, the main protagonist, narrating to his children about his younger life and events that led up to him meeting their mother. This story revolves around 5 friends in a bar, drinking beer, experiencing love, rejection, happiness and sadness. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris is one of the main characters also. I mean, who doesn’t love him right??
  2. Ghost Whisperer: 5 seasons
    Jennifer Love Hewitt is not only beautiful but also an amazing actress!! In this show, she stars as Melinda Gordon, a woman who can see spirits of those who passed away. She goes around town helping those spirits relay messages to their love ones and to help them accomplish what they need to do so they can finally rest in peace and cross over into the light. If you are into Sci-Fi and thriller type show, then you will love it! This show keeps me at the edge of my chair and be careful, you might get hooked!
  3. Revenge: 4 seasons

    Main character Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark is one hell of a woman! Due to a traumatizing childhood which led her to believe that her dad was framed, imprisoned and killed, Amanda became close with the family who was responsible, disguised herself as Emily Thorne to seek revenge. This show is also a thriller, and super addicting. The main character can be interpreted as both a protagonist and an antagonist. Every episode ends with a mystery so before you know it, you will be finishing all 4 seasons!
  4. Grey’s Anatomy: 14 seasons and ongoing
    Everyone needs a medical show in their lives right!? Grey’s Anatomy takes place in a hospital in Seattle. The show starts out by introducing all the main characters as residents, working their butt off in the ER/OR. Exotic medical conditions, hospital dramas, deaths, traumatic events, are all present! This show can get confusing as the seasons go on but it’s a definite must-watch. As the characters grow from residents into attendants, I feel like I’m growing with them. This show will probably be the one who will make you laugh and cry at the same time.
  5. Black Mirror: 3 seasons and ongoing
    This is also one of my favorites! Each episode takes place in different settings with different characters. To be honest, this show is quite dark and disturbing, and if you like thriller, suspense type shows, you will love this! Every episode teaches a lesson, and even though episodes don’t correlate, it’s super addicting because each episode gets better and better!
  6. 13 Reasons Why: 1 season and ongoing
    Most people have probably heard of this already because it’s THAT good! This show revolves around Hannah, a teenager who committed suicide and before she died, she created audio tapes detailing 13 reasons to why she ended her life. Everyone who received the tape were responsible to why she killed herself. This show can be pretty realistic because it outlines teenage drama, bullying.. I was bullied quite a bit in middle/high school as well so this show somewhat relates to me. Highly recommend!
  7. 3%: 1 season.. maybe ongoing season 2?
    This show definitely deserves more credit. I love it so much!! It is set in the future where people are taught that there is a better world called the Offshore. In real life, those people are living in poverty with barely any resources for a good life.  Unfortunately, only 3% of the 20 year old population per year will make it to the Offshore. Main character Michele Santana turned 20 and it’s her turn to try and fight for that 3%. Each episode details all the pain and selfishness they need to endure in order to make it to the “perfect world.”
  8. The Office
    Another comedy, yay! This entire show is set in an office, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Main character and also regional manager, Michael Scott is the craziest/weirdest manager ever! He is a know-it-all, very arrogant and super oblivious to things around him. Everyone in the office hates him and try to torture him, but still, he thinks that he’s the hot shot. I don’t like Michael personally, but I love all the other characters so much! This show will never make you stop laughing.
  9. Death Note: 1 season
    I normally don’t like animes, but this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Main character Light Yagami is a genius and everything in life comes easily for him. One day, a random notebook dropped from the sky and it happened to be picked up by Light. The notebook belongs to a Shinigami (death god) and it states that the user can kill any person as long as a name and face are both known. Being the genius, Light decides to change the current world into a place where there are no criminals. He vows to become the new god. This anime is so suspenseful I love it!
  10. Once Upon a Time: 7 seasons and ongoing
    Last but definitely not least! Once upon a time!! Remember all the childhood fairytales that you all love? It’s all coming back with so many plot-twists! Main character Emma Swan is just a regular girl living her own life when all of a sudden, a boy named Henry Mills came running into her apartment claiming that she’s his mother AND the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. He also took Emma to a place called Storybrooke, where everyone is a fairytale character who has been cursed to live outside of their home. This show gets confusing with all the plot-twists but trust me, it’s so good!  Let me know in the comments your favorite TV shows! have a blessed day and don’t forget to look for your daily dose of happiness~ ❤


2 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Shows To Binge Watch

  1. The only show I’ve seen on this list is 13 Reasons Why. It was very validating for me as I also struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. It got a little too intense at times, though – the last episode had me sobbing! One of my friends is obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I like medical shows, so I’m thinking of starting it soon. 😊

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  2. I’ve watched HIMYM multiple times too, and it is amazing. It’s an emotional rollercoaster every time even though I already know what happens! I have recently started The Office too and it is great. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it!

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